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Bookmybnb aim is to achieve high and steady income for landlords and investors, with no agent fees and maintenance cost attached. Properties are maintained at very high standards and curated like a hotel due to the very nature of the business.

In return, a better yield for both, property owners and Bookmybnb.

 Why Us?


Unparallel returns

Guaranteed 20% higher return than long-term rental. No agent fees or maintenance fees and repairs are free of charge!

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Property is insured through us - another cost savings. We sign the contract to return the property in the same condition as taken on-board. In most cases even better, as we re-furbish to give the place a cosy feel. 



Before accepting the stay request, guests are properly vetted and deposit is taken to safeguard property and to recover any wear and tear.

Partnership with certified accountants to take care end of year financials 


Guaranteed fixed income

Maintenance covered

Inspection by landlords allowed

Swift on-boarding

24*7 contact

Professional cleaning

What our Clients Say

"What I really love about this company is, I have forgotten about all the hassle and I earn more money renting my property with these guys, and they look after it as well."
Mick Harnet

 Areas Covered

Currently we on-board all properties in Dublin 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8. We have plans to expand to Galway, Cork and Kilkenny by mid 2018. We will be updating areas as we go live. Though we are solely focused in City Centre, please message us for properties in other areas and we may be able to price. No harm in sending a brief message.

About us

Bookmybnb was established in 2014 and has been widely known amongst property management community for short-term lets. 

Our utilisation of different tools ensures quality bookings and high occupancy rate. 

Bookmybnb Director and employees have a great passion to achieve best for our customers and guests. 

Along with this, Bookmybnb completely empathise in regards to the well being of the property as we own number of apartments in our portfolio.


 Why can’t I do it myself?

You can run this yourself. However, it warrants time investment in terms of cleaning the property, wash and dry linen and to meet and greet with the guests. In addition, ongoing maintenance is required and can be cost heavy. However, with our package its covered

How do I ensure my property is maintained effectively?

We conduct regular inspection of the property to ensure the well being. Inspection of property can also be arranged for property owners. Any changes to the structure is not allowed and will only take place with owners’ consent.

Can I get a reference or visit one of the managed property?

Sure, we are happy to provide references and phone numbers of our customers. Bookmybnb can also arrange the tour of some of our properties to showcase our work.


Call: +353-1-9101994
Email: info@bookmybnb.ie

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